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Welcome to the Tax Professionals Section of our cyber home.  

When our company began as a sole proprietorship (started in 1955 by William O’Brien) the goal was to gather tax returns, relate information, research deductions, and fill out the forms.  Back then, the process was arduous, tedious, and confounding with what seemed like a pile of tax laws.  Now we are automated to speed up the process through the use of computers and advanced software.  We have employees using various crosschecking systems that assist us in double checking your numbers.  However, the code of tax laws has now grown by volumes and sorting your way through the deductions and credits has become increasingly complex.  That is why we have enabled ourselves to constant updates on the latest tax code changes and laws. 

Unlike many of the tax preparation offices that you have visited over the years, we have the attitude of diligence that you may not have experienced before.  We take our time and make sure tax return that is prepared is done right.  As Tax Professionals, we strive to earn your top marks.  The company, now lead by Bernice Begley, Jeff Begley, Jean Begley, Liz Begley, Abigail Begley, Zachary Begley, and Rachel Begley, has very defined quality assurance goals.  These goals are strengthened by our values.  We have seen the Financial Industry, Tax Preparation included; have a fast-food attitude.  You want to go where people know your name, your family, and your financial and tax goals.  This is why our business keeps growing.  When you come into O’Brien Tax and Financial Service you get the feeling of a caring and supportive attitude.  Supply us with your tax information, and we will develop rapport and a plan.   In a relaxed counseling conversation, we understand the pinnacle of your financial situation, and with that we are able to analyze your tax situation.  This translates into dollars and a feeling of confidence for you.  This is what we consider our mission.